65 Examples of Modern Minimalist 2 Storey House Designs

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65 Examples of Modern Minimalist House Designs 2 Floors - Houses are the primary needs of everyone and this house is a necessity of life which is very important for everyone's survival. Nowadays, social factors encourage people to innovate and compete in building houses. If we look at the construction of the house has many models, now the trend is a minimalist house either 1 floor or 2 floors. Generally, this minimalist house built uses a modern style.

In designing this house, what you should pay attention to is the interior design that you will apply to the house, so that the results of building a house are maximum, then you should have an overview of the interior design. So you can take one of the examples of minimalist home designs in this article as reference material for building your home. Minimalist home designs are widely used in modern housing in big cities. But lately the existing homes in developed villages also apply the concept of a minimalist home. Minimalist house is indeed suitable for Indonesia's tropical climate, besides that minimalist house construction does have a cheaper construction cost compared to other design houses. But you do not think that the minimalist house is a house with a small size that is simple because you can also build a large minimalist house even with 2 floors.

If we compare this 2-story minimalist house is cheaper compared to other models because this minimalist house maximizes land and limited funds and that is why this design is in great demand. But a minimalist house that has a complex and complex shape will also drain the construction costs. To find out the minimalist home designs you can see in this minimalist 2-storey house picture that has many models and also the colors and unique shapes.

Keep in mind there are 3 factors that are the reasons why someone builds a minimalist 2-storey house model. First because the land to build a narrow house so it is not possible to develop a horizontal house structure, so choose a minimalist with 2 floors. Second is because the population, including large families, in such cases it is clear the first floor space does not have enough capacity to accommodate the whole family, so vertical housing is the only solution. Third is the business factor. As we know today many people choose to open a home business, be it the home industry, contractors, consultants, and more. With a 2-storey building it is expected that the entire room can function more effectively, the first floor is usually used to manage a business, while the second floor is for family dwelling. This 2-story house must pay attention to the foundation used, this is because a house with 2 floors has a heavy burden so a strong foundation is needed.

Things that need to be considered in the selection of 2-storey house foundation:
1. Soil type and density
This type of soil must be in accordance with the selected foundation, if the soil is hard we only need to make a small foundation and not too deep, but for swamp soil or soft soil must be made a large foundation or even chicken feet.

2. Form of house architect
The shape of the house that has a strong burden must be balanced with a strong foundation as well so that the house stands firmly.

3. Plan for the resilience of the house
The foundation must be taken into account in its time if buildings are predicted to last for hundreds of years, they must also last for hundreds of years.

4. Natural conditions if we are in an area prone to earthquakes, the solution is designed to be earthquake resistant as well as other natural factors.

One building concept with a minimalist house model is developed into a 2-storey house, the general minimalist shape and size are distinguished by their respective types, for example minimalist houses type 36, type 45, type 60 and so on, each of which represents the type of building area . So for example, type 36 minimalist house means building area of ​​36 square meters, and so on. Whatever the reason, we build a minimalist 2-storey house with the effect that we can definitely more or less the same that a wider scope of space, allows us to increase the amount of space, and have a greater capacity.

Modern Minimalist Design House 2 Floors
There are many models of houses that are built using a minimalist concept, there are one floor and 2 floors. Of course, all of you have different desires in building a house. For those of you who are going to build a minimalist 2-storey house with a modern style, here is a photo of a minimalist 2-storey modern house with various models.

In the division of space for the first floor and second floor are generally adjusted to the needs and also a minimalist 2-storey house model used. Generally this layout adjusts the family conditions that occupy the house being built. For example, if the second floor of a house is built for a large family, then we can design peratam floor as a living room, family room, bathroom, kitchen, and garage. Don't forget to the 2nd floor we ordered a few square meters for the balcony area to be used for drying. For a minimalist home layout or floor plan, you can check out a minimalist house plan with 2 3D floors. To beautify and make your home look beautiful, you can build a home garden, yes indeed the existence of this park is a beautifying component of the house. In addition, the park is also a place to channel hobbies collecting flowers or plants. Now to get a garden reference please look at 72 Beautiful and Beautiful Garden Images Suitable for Minimalist Homes. Thus the Modern Minimalist 2 Floor Home Design that I can share may be useful.

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