35 Creative Ways to Recycle Used Drawers

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Used drawers can be recycled into plant pots, or make slight modifications to turn them into different furniture. So do not throw away used drawers in the house, because you can always use used drawers to become more useful and valuable items.

Here are 35 Creative Ways to Use a Used Drawer:

Add legs or wheels to the old drawer to make a unique table.
Tambahkan kaki atau roda pada laci bekas untuk membuat meja unik.
Foto: The Crafty Gentleman
Foto: Hometalk
Foto: The Junk Chick
Foto: ChromeSkies.com
Foto: Chipping with Charm
Foto: Pinterest
Foto: scavengerchic.com
Foto: Woman’s Day
Foto: via yesterdayontuesday.com

Used drawers converted into chairs/stool
Laci bekas diubah menjadi kursi/stool
Foto: Pinterest

Create beautiful and unique table lamps by utilizing used drawers.
Buat lampu meja cantik dan unik dengan memanfaatkan laci-laci bekas.
Foto: Pinterest

Modify the used drawer to be a jewelery organizer to display jewelry and accessories.
Modifikasi laci bekas jadi jewelery organizer untuk memajang perhiasan dan aksesoris.
Foto: The Northend Loft
Foto: Habitos

Used drawers become blackboards or memo boards.
Laci bekas menjadi papan tulis atau memo board.
Foto: My Repurposed Life

Used drawers changed to cabinet

Laci bekas diubah menjadi kabinet
Foto: myLove2Create

Make multifunctional shelves from used drawers.
From accessories display racks to shoe racks can be made using used drawers.
Buat rak multifungsi dari laci bekas.
Foto: KnickOfTime
Foto: confessionsofserialdiyer.com
Foto: The Perfect Shade of Grey
Foto: nicety.livejournal
Foto: Douangphila
Foto: Craftynest

Make bookshelves from used drawers.
Buat rak buku dari laci bekas.
Foto: Avidekiotthon
Foto: Indulgy

Use a used drawer as a medicine box or skin care container.

Gunakan laci bekas sebagai kotak obat atau wadah skin care.
Foto: Shine

Use a used drawer as a tray or tool to serve food.
Foto: Pinterest
Gunakan laci bekas sebagai nampan atau alat menyajikan makanan.
Foto: Uruguay Life
Foto: The Farm Chicks
Foto: Style Me Pretty

Modify the used drawer door to be a window box to decorate your home window.
Modifikasi pintu laci bekas jadi window box untuk menghias jendela rumah anda.
Foto: Hometalk

Recycle used drawers into flower vases and plant pots.
Daur ulang laci bekas jadi vas bunga
Foto: The Bare Foot Seamstress
Daur ulang laci bekas jadi pot tanaman.
Foto: Gyazo
Foto: Flickr
Foto: Gardening Paradise
Foto: Flickr

I'm sure you don't need a special tutorial for recycling used drawers like the examples above. But if you need a tutorial or complete info, click the link below each photo to go to the source page.

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