The Best Wall Mirror Designs 2020

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In terms of decoration both in the living room, family room or even in your bedroom you often see a mirror, it is no doubt that the mirror will really make each room more charming and functional. There are many types of mirrors that we can choose to beautify the favorite parts of your minimalist home. In the previous article, we have shown various tips to beautify walls, one of which is the use of vintage mirrors and now we will showcase a different modern special mirror design.

Modern mirror can be said to be one way to show your personality to others. The type of mirror you choose for the bedroom or living room wall will not only reflect your personality, but also your taste and character in you. Now you understand that a mirror is one of the accessories that should be in every home for everyone. In fact we all of us will look in the mirror first before going to school or office as we do every day before starting activities and routines.

Thus you have so many choices to choose the type of mirror you want in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. For example, in your bathroom mirror, you should consider buying a mirror that is rather wide because when you use it you can see yourself as a whole clearly. If possible you can consider choosing a modern mirror made with different materials that make it more resistant to heat, humidity and water.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of mirror designs that are elegant and amazing and you can easily get. To give a more overview about the mirror, it helps you read the following article so that it can be a reference when you buy a mirror.

  • Bubble Mirror Designs
buble walldesign

  • Modern Wall Mirrors
Modern wall mirror

  • Modern Mirror
modern mirror

  • Rifflessisrl
Riflessisrl mirror design

Image: Riflessisrl

This is a frame that is an incredible combination of black and silver with a square mirror in the middle. This modern mirror design is perfect for bedrooms.

modern mirror design

  • Modern Mirror
modern mirror design

  • Modern Spacify
Modern Spacify

  • U Modern Mirror
U modern mirror

  • Green Modern Mirror Drop
Green Modern Mirror Drop

Green Modern Mirror Drop

  • Dodekagono
Dodekagono mirror design

  • Modern Bubble Art Mirror
Modern Bubble Art Mirror

  • Modern Bubble Art Mirror
Dekorasi Dinding dengan Cermin Modern yang Menarik

  • Modern Mirror Regal Design
Modern Mirror Regal Design

Modern Mirror Regal Design

Those are some types of modern mirror designs that can be used as a reference as a work of art on the walls of your home. Artistic design and quality materials used will make the room more lively and add beauty. You can choose your own design that is suitable for your home, from simple mirror designs to sophisticated and modern designs. Maybe the mirror makes you unusual at first glance. But when you choose the right mirror design and shape it can make a small room look more spacious. Therefore, choosing a good mirror is not only based on desire and style but also supports every part of the room in your home. Hopefully the unique modern mirror design above can be an inspiration for you.

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