5 Types of Lighting that make the Bedroom Comfortable

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As we know that how to choose the latest home design models that we are always looking for building a house that we will be proud of when we have to adjust the model to the latest style to make it look good and comfortable to live in with the family. Minimalist home has become a dream that is desired by the family.

Room lighting can build the atmosphere or mood, for example, the atmosphere feels serious, or vice versa makes the mood feel relaxed. Just imagine if you are tired after work, need a calm and relaxed atmosphere, but it turns out the type of lighting or lighting in the bedroom all kinds of bright dazzling, of course it will make you difficult to close your eyes and can sleep comfortably.



Because lighting can affect the atmosphere and mood, so if the bedroom is comfortable to sleep and rest, lighting should be done carefully. Get to know in advance the types of lighting lamps that are usually installed in the bedroom with a comfortable atmosphere.
Here are 5 types of bedroom lighting that you need to know, which is usually installed in the bedroom:

 1.Down Lighting

Down Lighting pada kamar tidur, foto:Shenzhen Jasional Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Down lighting is a type of direct lighting, which is intended to illuminate the desired area only. This lamp is similar to a spotlight, which leads to one part of the room. Downlighting lighting is mounted on the ceiling or wall. Usually used to highlight paintings or photos that you display on the wall. Down lighting type makes the walls cooler and calms your eyes when you see them.

2.Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting pada kamar tidur, foto:Decoist
Lighting is placed on the ceiling, but a small space is added to each lamp. This small space not only makes the ceiling more beautiful, but the light emitted by the lamp becomes more friendly to your eyes.

3.Wall Lighting


As the name implies, the lamp is not placed on the ceiling, but attached to the walls of your room. The difference is that the lamps used are usually not too bright, but rather dim. This type of lighting is generally used for light sleepers.

4.Concealing Lighting


Usually used by hotels or resorts, that is lighting lights that are placed invisible. Usually the light glows at a certain angle, for example under the base of your wall shelf. Although hidden, the light is still visible and gives the impression of comfort. Usually uses a light yellowish color.

5. Ambient Lighting


The type of ambient lighting is lighting that determines the main nuances in the room. For example, warm shades with yellow, or cool shades with bluish white. Ambient lighting can be obtained by using chandeliers or pendants, or other headlights. Ambient lighting comes from fluorescent light sources so that the nuances that appear are natural.

Thus the home interior article about 5 Types of Lighting That Makes the Bedroom Comfortable, hopefully this article from Lampung Interior Home will be useful for you. Thank you for your visit, I hope this article can be a reference to build a house in the future for families.

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