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Design interior 2019-As we know that how to choose the latest home design models that we are always looking for building a house that we will be proud of when we have to adjust the model to the latest style to make it look good and comfortable to live in with the family. Minimalist home has become a dream that is desired by the family.

Residential homes are designed in such a way by their owners for several reasons or goals. The reasons underlying the design of the interior of the house are inseparable from reasons of comfort and aesthetics. In this article we will discuss 2 things regarding Interior Homes, namely: the definition of interior design, and the concept of interior design of a residential home.

interior rumah tinggal
Interior Rumah Tinggal. Foto: Rumah Interior Lampung


"Interior design is the study of the design of a work of art that is in a building and is used to solve human problems".

Home interior design certainly needs to consider harmony with home exterior design. For example, a minimalist home design concept, the minimalist home interior design is also ideally applied to the house. Likewise, if the design of the residence carries a modern or classic concept, the interior of the house should use the concept of a modern or classic home interior design.


The initial step in building a residential home is to determine the design concept, including exterior design and interior design of the residence. Some of the residential design concepts that are used include:

Minimalist Home Interior Design

konsep desain interior rumah minimalis modern

Minimalist design is a flow of modern style that prioritizes function, and almost does not make room for the provision of ornaments and decoration. The minimalist concept is more prioritizing the function of the use of building materials and accessories more optimally. This concept also always avoids the use of ornaments or home decorations that are considered unnecessary. So that the efficiency of the use of materials must be limited.

The main key in a minimalist home interior design is the harmony between the color of the paint and the laying of the interior. Minimalist interior design usually uses soft and neutral color paint. The white color gives a clean impression, while the provision of minimal accessories on the walls of the room will reinforce the impression of minimalism. Modern minimalist style family rooms are made in such a way as to create an informal, relaxed, and playful atmosphere.

Rustik Home Interior Design

konsep desain interior rumah bergaya rustik

The interior design of a rustic-style residence is a design that prioritizes natural, rusty, weathered, and designed to be a space element. In its application there are several key materials that can describe rustic designs, such as wood, natural stone, metal, and so on. Rustik is literally interpreted as something that is simple, unskilled and rude. Rustic in Indonesian means rusty or old, and has a rough texture and is not finished properly.

The rustic concept is a concept based on environmental awareness and is described as a variety of styles that emphasize nature and material elements that have not been fabricated. Rustic design is a design that brings a natural atmosphere into the room. Rustic style can be interpreted as a style in architectural and interior design that emphasizes the natural impression, from materials that are not finished or smoothed.

Modern rustic interior design will make space users feel like returning to the countryside but with contemporary thinking. The rustic style gives priority to the design of a room atmosphere so that it feels warm and comfortable. Because basically, the rustic style starts from wooden log houses built in polar climate regions. For the sake of warming themselves, suitable and compatible materials such as logwood are arranged in all elements of space. The colors used in the rustic room are colors that make a warm and calm impression like chocolate, cream, white, etc., and strong memorable colors like black, dark brown.

Classic Home Interior Design

konsep desain interior rumah bergaya klasik

The concept of a classic home interior style comes from the Greek and Roman styles where the concept is based on the composition, balance, and perfect harmony. Classic design does not include modern elements and influences that occur at this time. Classic interiors depart from tradition.

A space that is designed with a classic concept has many focal points. stoves, large tables, and majestic stairs are some of the focal points that are often used. The classic concept produces a magnificent and luxurious appearance. The tendency of classic concepts which are inefficiencies is the use of more material and takes more time in the process.

Futuristic Home Interior Design

konsep desain interior rumah bergaya futuristik

The concept of a futuristic-style home interior displays a futuristic image of the space, giving the impression that the space is oriented toward the future or the image that the building always follows the development of the times shown through expressions. The futuristic interior concept is based on the imagination and understanding of the designer of a room and objects of the future objects. Usually using materials or metal materials / combinations and models commonly used for space shuttles. The advantage of this concept lies in the design that is iconic that is different from the surrounding environment, while the drawback is that the price of material is expensive because most use metal materials and their combinations as final finishing.

Eclectic Home Interior Design

konsep desain interior rumah bergaya eklektik

Eclectic means combining the best elements of each style. Interior Design This Eclectic style house requires more space to experiment; combining color, style, and accessories. The advantage of an eclectic nuance is to make the house fresher, attractive, warm, and homely. In this eclectic style, interior designers are demanded to be able to balance various elements, the kinds of styles that are inserted are definitely more pleasing to the eye.
    The following is an example of integrating the bedroom, living room and kitchen design concepts in the interior of a private residence worked by the team :

    interior kamar tidur
    Gambar Interior Kamar Tidur

    interior ruang tamu
    Gambar Interior Ruang Tamu

    interior kitchen set
    Gambar Interior Kitchen Set
    Want to build a house complete with the Interior design of your Home, but confused looking for references? Just subscribe to our article which provides various designs for your home.

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