150 Photos of Wooden Houses 2019

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When you are talking about a modern wooden house you hardly imagine how beautiful and comfortable. Talented architects are able to create modern homes out of wood or luxury wooden villas for customers who want to own them. Wood is a material related to comfort and tranquility. Modern architecture, new technology and natural beauty around you will get the best accommodation for suburban life. In the following post we have put together an architectural project from a modern wooden house 2018-2019.

In an age when glass and metal were the most common building materials, wooden houses were a less beautiful sight. Of course, they present a more beautiful natural aesthetic - a perfect break from the monotony of modern concrete forests - but the advantages of living in wooden buildings are far more diverse. For starters, wood is a natural thermal insulator; this means you end up saving a lot of energy compared to brick, concrete and stone houses. Because wood absorbs noise, modern wooden houses offer a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. In addition, natural materials for building such houses can be obtained quickly, allowing construction to take place quite quickly and painlessly. The structure of wood also helps the environment by absorbing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. No wonder many people prefer to live in wooden houses.

The brainchild of Christophe Migozzi of Bonte & Migozzi Architectes, Villa KGET is located in Ensues-la-Redonne in France, and covers an area of ​​205.0 m 2. Built in 2016, this stunning wooden house in a forest surrounded by agaves and pine has low walls made of stone along with an amazing Mediterranean view. The entire building is in the form of a triangle, inspired by Greek mythology and Mediterranean culture. According to the architect, this building represents a contemporary perspective of the ship "Ulysses' which surfs on slopes like trawl crabs". Because of the nature of protected sites, architects must find ways to build structures without disturbing the environment. Eventually, a solution emerged by itself - the house would be built on stilts. In this way, no disturbing construction will occur on land. Some trees still have to be cut down but they are soon replaced by new varieties, such as eucalyptus trees, fig trees etc. The wood used in the construction of this house imparts strength and lightness to the structure. Douglas wood is the main building material, while the cover consists of larch brackets that are placed vertically.

Designed by Studio Pikaplus between 2014 and 2015, Rumah Kayu is a small wooden house in Slovenia with two bedrooms. While the exterior of the building sides with black metal, the inside is built using soft lightweight wood. The living room glass door opens to the outside deck. The kitchen has a window that is uniquely designed to let natural light come in. The kitchen is located next to the dining room, and has a "U" shaped layout. There is a wooden table, a white cabinet free of hardware, and an open shelf that hangs on the wall. The top floor of this forest house can be accessed via a ladder made of wood and black steel. There is a master bedroom and children's room upstairs. There is a separate glass fence overlooking the dining room downstairs.

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